Pipes & Fittings 

Pipes & Fittings 

Above Ground Drainage Pipes and Fittings according to UPVCBSEN 1329 Solvent and Rubber Ring Type

MDPE Polyethelene Pipes and Compression Fittings  for irrigation and portable Water Supply

Drainage Pipes and  Fittings according to  HDPE EN 1519-1 Butt Welding

Water Supply and Fire Fighting Pipes and Fittings HDPE SDR 11/SDR 9 PE 100 Butt Fusion 

LLDPE Irrigation pipes and fittings 

CPVC Pipes and fittings, Chlorinated pipes for Residential, Industrial, and  Public buildings for Hot water circulation, etc. 

PPR Pipes and Fittings for Hot andCold-Water Supply accordance to DIN 8077 and Fittings DIN 16962 PN 25 

Copper Pipes and Fittings for Hot Water Supply  insulated and Non-insulated pipes with soldering and compression fittings 

Galvanized Iron ( GI ) Pipes and fittings 

Carbon Steel Pipes and Fittings 

Malleable Iron ( MI ) Fittings 

Forged Steel Fittings 

Underground Drainage Pipes  and Fittings according to UPVC BSEN 1401 Solvent and  Rubber Ring Type